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Chromosome Structure XY & Varia‚Äčtions


Chromosome Structure XY & Variations @ 2017

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So you have suspicions something is different about your body, a medical specialist has recommended a blood test for Chromosome Variations, recently diagnosed or looking for information? we have provided a brief history on the first research biologist Dr. Joe Hin Tjio, who produced the first correct count of chromosomes in human cells.

Dr. Tjio (pronounced CHEE-oh) accomplished that feat in 1956 as a visiting scientist at the University of Lund, Sweden. His surprise discovery helped pave the way to much work in human biology pertaining to chromosomal abnormalities.

He later joined the staff of the National Institute of Health, and President John F. Kennedy honoured him with an outstanding achievement award in 1962.

The nature and functions of chromosomes, the agents of heredity, had been known when Dr. Tjio correctly counted the number of chromosomes. But observing human chromosomes under the microscope had always been more difficult than observing those of other species, and scientists had long assumed that chromosomes normally numbered 48 in each body cell.

Dr. Tjio used an advanced technique to separate chromosomes of embryonic lung tissue on glass slides and, to his own amazement, saw that the actual figure was 46. ''The number was just an incidental finding,'' he recalled many years later.

He continued his study of chromosomes, looking for clues to some of the most baffling and tragic human diseases.