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 I want to make a positive contribution - and know that my life has meaning and want not only to help my family, but to help all people with Chromosome Variations to be the best persons that they can be.

Emily, Parent of XXY son, Founder, passionate about raising awareness.



By the day, more and more Infants, Children and Men are being diagnosed with a Chromosome variation. The more awareness that is shown around Chromosomal variations, the better understood the variations are. 

                               ​​​What is a Chromosome Variation?

X & Y chromosome variations refer to conditions where a person has an abnormal number of sex chromosomes, also known as X & Y chromosomes.

X & Y chromosome variations are common however mostly undiagnosed genetic conditions. These genetic conditions are due to a mistake that produces an extra X or Y chromosome, and have impacts to different areas of the body.

Other words used to describe X & Y chromosome variations are:

  • Sex chromosome anomaly
  • Chromosomal Variations




Emily Wadsworth was informed her son, has Klinefelters XXY and a Chromosome duplication of Sq 15.23 and their lives change forever. Being unsatisfied of the information readily available in Queensland, Emily sets off on the 2nd International Klinefelters conference in Muenster, Germany and establishes Chromosome Structure XY & Variations. 


Our mission is to provide a central location for factual information that is easily digestible to understand, as well as have a central location for support services that are specialists, or have a passion for Chromosome Variations.