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Our mission

Our mission is to provide a central location for factual information that is easily digestible to understand, and to help individuals  and their families lead healthy and full lives, to be the best persons they can be. 

Our Aim

We aim to provide support to patients and families of all ages and stages, educate others to provide a greater understanding on chromosome variations, collaborate with medical specialists, educators and GP's to obtain and provide the latest research outcomes to translate back to the community 

March 10 - 12, 2016

2nd International workshop on Klinefelter Syndrome



December 2016

This month we continue our petition to request a day of acknowledgement for Chromosome Variations. Please help support this cause by signing our petition here. 

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April 2016

Chromosome Structure XY & Variations applied to be an incorporated Association, to raise money for research and projects to increase the number of diagnosis for Chromosome Variations

CSVXY representatives attended the 3 day 2nd International Conference for XXY Klinefelter Syndrome in Meunster, Germany

CSVXY representatives attended the optimising the outcome of X & Y variations in children conference.   


Emily Wadsworth


​Locally, nationally and Internationally, Chromosome Structure XY & Variations are dedicated in helping children, families, and partners affected by Chromosome Variations.

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Together raising awareness, to support Research and provide support


February 2016

January 28th  2017

Parents and Families joining a team of XY Specialists in lecture and Q&A to learn about X&Y Variation by the team dedicated to innovative and creative research.